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About Us


Our vision has a Design... The Design has a Heart.

The Cosmos Artistry is a Learning and Development initiative  facilitating  online Tuitions and Counselling  sessions on a therapeutic  one to one  basis. An initiation with the goal to embrace the Cosmos with the soul touch of a True Artist.

We believe that a gentle touch can spark off the latent confidence and aura in our personality, hone learning skills and kindle creative, innovative flair and talents. It has always been my dream to do something woven on the concepts of my mother, who taught us that the beauty of life is not in the bigger and larger treasures of the world, but in the tiniest drops of ideas and words and emotions.  Platforming this initiative is giving life and dreams to all connected to The Cosmos Artistry.

29th of September – World Heart Day- the right day to launch our web site , because we believe that the heart is indeed the most important organ of our body – keeping the heart fit physically is vital, but the heart must be happy , secure, free and safe from all unnecessary trauma and conflicts  to give out the best and to make the world a better place to live in.